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Terms and Conditions

  1. The publisher will prepare, edit, design and produce an annual subscription to Global Restructuring Review. Online access will expire on March 31st each year, and can be renewed.
  2. The subscriber will receive 1 Global Restructuring Review print volume comprising of all Global Restructuring Review publications during the subscription period to be delivered to any office of choice. Free replacements will be provided for missing or damaged copies, within 6 months of the publication date, upon notification by the subscriber to the publisher.
  3. The subscriber will receive from the publisher a username and link to choose a secure password. The password, and the content to which it provides access, must not be shared or transferred.
  4. The subscription can be cancelled within the first year and a refund will be provided.
  5. Automatic renewal payments are not in place. The subscriber will need to confirm the renewal with the publisher. 
  6. The subscriber can upgrade the subscription to allow multi-user access at any time, which is subject to an additional fee.
  7. For an authorised reproduction of an article you will need to order an official PDF subject to an additional fee.
  8. English law applies to the interpretation of these terms.